UMass Chan Medical School Researchers Pilot Cognitive Screening Technology for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease

Primary care providers are using AI-enhanced assessments from Linus Health

Boston and Worcester, MA - April 25, 2023 - UMass Chan Medical School has launched a study to evaluate the use of digital cognitive assessments as part an initiative to advance existing science around the detection of cognitive disorders. Under the direction of David D. McManus, MD, the Richard M. Haidack Professor in Medicine and chair and professor of medicine, and Honghuang Lin, PhD, professor of medicine, researchers are assessing the feasibility and clinical impact of cognitive screening in primary care settings. AI-enhanced technology from Linus Health is enabling participating primary care providers (PCPs) to assess patients’ cognitive function in just a few minutes using an iPad.

Despite 92 percent of older adults in a recent survey saying they would prefer to learn of Alzheimer’s and other dementias early, cognitive assessment rates are generally low in the US today: only 23 percent reported having had one. Furthermore, less than 15 percent regularly raise cognitive health concerns or questions with their PCPs. An Alzheimer’s Association survey similarly showed that, while the majority of PCPs see the value of cognitive assessments, they only do them for half of older patients on average today. Challenges with current cognitive testing tools are a key cause of the gap.

Linus Health designed its digital cognitive assessment platform with PCPs in mind, recognizing that they are in the best position to catch early signs of cognitive decline. The platform is quick, easy to use and sensitive, replacing manual paper-based workflows with efficient digital ones and supporting PCPs with clinical guidance alongside patient results. Rooted in the long-standing Clock Drawing Test, the solution uses AI to detect subtle signs of cognitive impairment by analyzing not only a person’s final clock drawings, but also their process of drawing.

Participants in the UMass Chan study, focused on people 65 and older, will complete the Digital Clock and Recall (DCR™) test and a brief lifestyle-based survey to help providers understand their current cognitive status and future dementia risk. All participants will receive a brain health action plan to help them address any modifiable risk factors identified. Testing will occur within standard outpatient visits.

“Ultimately our goal is to uncover opportunities to detect cognitive concerns earlier on, when providers have more time to intervene,” said Dr. McManus, executive sponsor of the Program in Digital Medicine at UMass Chan. “We believe digital solutions can play a big role in helping us realize that goal, delivering benefits to our patients and their families, as well as our providers.”

The UMass Chan team is putting an emphasis on understanding the patient and provider experience and also collecting caregiver feedback. In addition to gaining insight into the prevalence of undiagnosed cognitive impairment and the impact of digital testing methods on care, researchers will also assess key clinical workflow and triage factors to inform future expansion. The advancement of cognitive testing in primary care is rising in urgency as the FDA’s recent accelerated approval of Leqembi for early Alzheimer’s treatment is poised to spur demand for testing; previous modeling on access to disease-modifying drugs predicted wait times reaching 50 months for specialist visits within five years without better referral triage methods.

“As a primary care physician, I am highly attuned to the importance of integrating new technology in a way that enhances both clinical practices and workflows,” said John Showalter, MD, Chief Product Officer at Linus Health. “We are excited to work with UMass to bring the power of digital to cognitive testing in a way that is feasible and scalable, paving the way for a new standard in cognitive care.”


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