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Set a new standard in cognitive care

Linus Health is helping health systems identify and address cognitive issues early to meet their communities' expanding needs.

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Primary care provider looking at the digital cognitive assessment scores on an iPad. Digital cognitive testing provides greater insights on patient performance on cognitive function testing

Preparing for expanding patient needs 

The treatment landscape for Alzheimer’s and other dementias is changing rapidly, and early detection of cognitive impairment is essential to improving outcomes through early intervention. However, standardized cognitive testing and care paths — starting in primary care — are not the norm across health systems today.

Linus Health is helping change that, equipping health systems with new tools to meet rising cognitive care needs in the face of a worsening specialist shortage. Our digital cognitive assessment platform makes it both possible and practical for providers to spot and act on early signs of cognitive impairment.

Primary care provider shows the results on a cognitive function test to their patient. Digital cognitive assessments provide great insight into a patient's cognitive function

See the difference digital makes 

Discover the benefits of digital cognitive assessments for your organization.

Enabling earlier detection and intervention starting in primary care


Meet rising cognitive care needs for older adults

Quick-to-administer, sensitive assessments and rich provider reports support early detection of cognitive impairment, while personalized action plans help all patients adopt habits to protect brain health.

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Optimize clinical triage for cognitive concerns

Easy-to-use, automated digital solutions — purpose-built for primary care settings — facilitate efficient cognitive testing and help prioritize patient referrals for further diagnostics and potential treatments.


Streamline clinical workflows & care pathways

Digital tools boost efficiency – standardizing test administration and simplifying scoring – while integrated clinical guidance and care pathways help providers set patients on the right paths.

Enterprise-ready digital cognitive assessments and care pathways

Augmenting rich clinical expertise with AI, the Linus Health platform helps bring visibility to early cognitive impairment in a matter of minutes. A cornerstone of the platform, the Core Cognitive Evaluation™, combines objective analysis of cognitive performance — through the Digital Clock and Recall (DCR™) — with qualitative metrics from the Life and Health Questionnaire (LHQ) to deliver multifaceted brain health insights.

Next-generation assessments

The DCR detects subtle signs of cognitive impairment by analyzing performance of clock drawing and word recall tasks. Requiring only 3 minutes, it incorporates and expands on the award-winning DCTclock™, uniquely deriving cognitive function insights by analyzing both the test outputs and clock drawing process itself.

iPad showing a clock drawing test for Alzheimer's and dementia. Digital cognitive assessments offer greater insights into a patient's cognitive function over traditional cognitive testing methods.

Actionable reports and insights

Robust provider reports offer actionable insights on cognitive performance, as well as recordings of recall and clock drawing tasks for unique visibility into the patient’s process of completing them. The platform also generates personalized patient action plans, making it easier for providers to coach patients on lifestyle changes.

Screenshots of the Linus Health Digital Cognitive Assessment platform showing the clock drawing test for Alzheimer's and other dementias along with a cognitive function test results screen. Digital cognitive testing providers greater insights into neuropsychological function

Efficient clinical and operational workflows

Streamlined clinical and operational workflows, including EHR integration, enhance the provider experience and reduce the effort required to manage assessments and results — all while driving clinical insights and facilitating care coordination to guide cognitive care pathways across health systems.

Screenshot from the Linus Health Digital Cognitive Assessment Platform demonstrating the efficient workflow recommendations for healthcare systems. Digital Cognitive testing provides greater insights over traditional cognitive assessments, integrates seamlessly with EHR platforms, and improves the timeline for dementia detection and care

Self-guided product tour

Curious how Linus Health fits into your clinical workflow? Take a closer look at the platform in action to learn what using Linus is like for both providers and patients.

Learn how other health systems are advancing cognitive care

Discover why Emory chose Linus to support its work to expand and standardize cognitive screening.

Primary care provider reviewing test results from a digital cognitive assessment on and iPad. Digital cognitive testing from Linus Health delivers increased sensitivity and greater insights into a patient's cognitive function versus traditional assessments like MOCA and MMSE