Linus Health Announces Collaboration with Cognito Therapeutics to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment of Cognitive Diseases

August 24 2021

Linus Health Announces Collaboration with Cognito Therapeutics to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment of Cognitive Diseases

As part of its mission to revolutionize brain health, Linus Health is pleased to announce a new partnership with Cognito Therapeutics, a late-stage pre-commercial life sciences company advancing an exciting pipeline of disease-modifying digital therapeutic treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. With this partnership, Linus and Cognito will develop an integrated theranostic approach to create a new category of interventional neurophysiological medicine to better address the need for safe, home-based treatments for significant unmet medical needs in brain health, starting with Alzheimer’s. With planned studies expected to underscore the value of their integrated approaches, the partnership represents a milestone on the path to delivering the future of digital brain health with accessible and affordable testing and treatment options.

A New Model of Patient Care

With its innovative, computational approach to understanding brain health, Linus believes the future paradigm of managing cognitive impairment requires intelligent, data-driven clinical solutions that support a holistic approach to patient health by learning not only from physical symptoms but also from lifestyle choices and behavioral patterns. Furthermore, the realization of that future clinical paradigm requires partnering with other industry leaders with interlocking and compatible approaches to addressing brain disease.

Linus Health and Cognito Therapeutics are complementary companies on either end of detection and treatment whose integrated approach signals a new model of care. The companies expect their partnership to enable the expansion of cognitive healthcare outside of specialized neuroclinical environments, which are limited in their capacity to serve the widely dispersed population living with dementia and other cognitive ailments. Linus Health’s goal is to equip primary care clinicians with new AI-driven tools, specialist insights, and innovative treatments to help healthcare systems around the world mitigate the present and coming surge of Alzheimer’s and other debilitating diseases.

“Linus Heath believes that addressing the complexities of the human brain requires first understanding a variety of factors and symptoms, including not only the chemistry and biology of the brain, but also the patients’ behavior and lifestyle,” said David Bates, PhD, CEO of Linus Health. “With a multimodal approach to understanding and optimizing brain health, exemplified by our partnership with Cognito Therapeutics, Linus Health will be able to offer patients a multi-pronged intervention strategy that takes into account a more holistic view of the patient’s brain health.”

Defining The Future of Cognitive Health

Partnerships between innovative companies such as Linus Health and Cognito Therapeutics can offer a fully integrated continuum accounting for a patients’ health and allow for adjustments to be made in real-time, signaling a new approach to monitoring and treating cognitive disease that traditional methods are not able to address.

The noninvasive cognitive assessments of the Linus Platform enable providers and researchers to identify patients with cognitive impairment early and track changes in their cognitive health over time. The Linus platform has been used for patient monitoring in numerous investigational studies, and will provide valuable data on Cognito’s lead therapeutic, which has received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation and moves into pivotal trials as a first-line digital therapeutics in Alzheimer’s patients.

“We are advancing next-generation prescription digital therapeutics that show the potential to safely modify the course of disease progression in Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders. We are excited to partner with Linus Health, as our non-invasive neuro-physiology treatments uniquely fit alongside Linus’s cognitive assessment and monitoring platform to support home-based care with validated patient outcomes,” said Brent Vaughan, CEO, Cognito Therapeutics. 

By coming together, Linus Health and Cognito are offering a more personalized and highly adaptable course of treatment, which is less invasive compared to traditional therapies and more accessible. With the potential of  a fully integrated continuum accounting for a patients’ health and real-time adjustments, a new approach to monitoring and treating cognitive disease is on the horizon.