Practical solutions for proactive brain health™

Leveraging cutting-edge neuroscience, clinical expertise, and artificial intelligence

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Our integrated brain health solution

The Linus platform is a unified solution for brain health screening and monitoring, with products designed for use in healthcare and research. Linus uses everyday mobile technology and machine learning algorithms to deliver meaningful insights more quickly, affordably, and objectively than current gold-standard assessments. Linus integrates an array of scientifically validated tools and cross-validation metrics that can enable a more holistic assessment of brain health.


Why choose Linus?

  • Detection

    Next-generation detection

    Detect subtle signs of cognitive impairment that common paper and pencil tests might miss with our AI-enabled digital assessments

  • Quick administration

    Streamlined assessments

    Simplify workflows with rapid, easy to administer digital assessments, immediate scoring, and secure, automated data transfers to the Linus Portal

  • Streamline operational workflows

    User-friendly tools

    Centralize data collection, access, and analysis with our all-in-one applications using familiar, widely accessible techology and devices

Innovative technology that enables early detection

DCTclock™ is an FDA Class II medical device for cognitive assessment that detects presymptomatic cognitive impairment and aids in tracking cognitive change. DCTclock is based on over a decade of research and development at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center and MIT and has been validated by numerous studies as a sensitive, objective, and reliable measure of cognitive function. When compared with traditional neuropsychological tests, DCTclock offers greater correlation with biomarkers and better discrimination between diagnostic groups.