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A new approach to brain health

The Linus Health Platform helps providers detect and address cognitive issues in a whole new way.

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Physician reviews Digital Clock and Recall report results on desktop screen
  • Support continuity of care

    Access expert-driven recommendations to identify next steps with confidence

  • Enable timely interventions

    Detect cognitive impairment earlier with sensitive, scientifically validated assessments

  • Streamline clinical workflows

    Save time and simplify your cognitive screening process with automated scoring and rapid results.

Advancing care with earlier detection and intervention

Delayed or missed diagnosis of cognitive disorders is associated with increased safety risks, higher rates of institutionalization, decreased survival rate, and increased caregiver burden [1,2]. Recent studies found that only 26% of older adults with dementia and 11.4% with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) received a timely diagnosis [3], and the estimated global prevalence rate of underdiagnosis is nearly 62% [4]. 

Earlier detection enables access to appropriate medical care, interventions, support, and time to plan for the future, which can significantly improve outcomes [2,5]. As research into potential treatments and interventions advances, early detection will become more crucial. The Linus platform uses a combination of digital measures to quantify current brain health, detect changes in cognitive and motor function, and deliver insights clinicians need to confidently take next steps.

A unifying platform for brain health needs

For patients

Timely and accurate diagnosis of cognitive impairment can enable earlier intervention during a critical window of opportunity, before disease progression. It also provides patients invaluable time to explore treatment options, coordinate care, and make important decisions about their future with clarity and autonomy. Linus offers sensitive, reliable digital assessments proven to detect signs of cognitive impairment even before symptoms appear [6]. With our evidence-based recommendations, clinicians can then provide patients and their loved ones guidance on potential next steps.

For clinicians

Primary care clinicians are critical for the screening, diagnosis, treatment, and management of neurocognitive disorders. But they also face challenges that hinder timely diagnosis, including lack of objective measures and significant time and resource constraints [7]. With Linus, clinicians can more easily screen, detect, and manage cognitive impairment without compromising time with patients. Linus’ clinically validated digital assessments require less time and offer greater sensitivity and specificity than common paper and pencil tests [6,8]. Our simple, automated scoring and interpretation ensure results are rapid and reliable.

For staff

Clinic staff are responsible for complex workflows. From rooming a patient, to checking vitals, setting up appropriate screenings, and updating EHR data, the work they do is essential for a successful visit. Technologies that save time and streamline workflows can reduce administrative burden. With Linus, staff can set up a patient to take a cognitive assessment in less than a minute. Patients can complete the assessment on their own using a tablet and digital pencil. Results are scored automatically and immediately made available in the Linus Portal for clinician review.

Specialist-level insights in any care setting

Linus Health’s rapid assessments and AI-backed analytics deliver meaningful insights into a patient’s cognitive function so clinicians can more easily measure, monitor, and manage brain health.

  • Immediate results

    Simplify clinical workflows and reduce inter-rater variability with automated scoring and interpretation and standardized reports

  • Sensitive detection

    Identify subtle changes in cognition that common paper and pencil tests might miss with our clinically validated digital assessments

  • Actionable insights

    Inform interventions and care planning with easy to understand metrics and expert-driven recommendations to support care decisions

  • Intuitive design

    User-friendly interface on familiar mobile technology makes it easy to incorporate into existing workflows with minimal training

  • Easy integration

    Simplify workflows with our flexible platform designed to connect to existing systems, including EHRs

  • Longitudinal monitoring

    Track changes in brain health over time with reliable, objective assessments that can be repeated as often as needed

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