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The Linus Health platform enables pharma organizations to leverage the power of digital technologies for more modern and efficient brain health studies.


Advancing cognitive research with digital tools

Trial or study recruitment can be challenging, as participants often undergo time-consuming and costly activities before determining eligibility. Stigma surrounding Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias (ADRD) can pose additional challenges, making recruitment especially difficult. Convenient, centralized access to cognitive assessments and data is critical to scaling clinical trials and other types of cognitive research.

The Linus Health platform helps life science organizations  and academic research institutions enhance the objectivity, scalability, and reach of their studies – all while maintaining robust data integrity by avoiding data loss typically associated with logistics, stability and cold chain issues for blood based markers.

Enabling researchers to meet increasing clinical trial and study demands

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    Enhance objectivity

    Empower your selection process and enhance the standard of care with an all-in-one digital platform. Our validated, well-established cognitive assessments utilize process-based analytics to offer an objective measure of cognition, free from administrator bias. Additionally, embedded sensitive measures swiftly generate rich and sensitive output.

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    Supercharge scalability

    Simultaneously accelerate and streamline recruitment activities while reducing costs with a centralized, digital platform. Remote and in-clinic assessments, along with access to real-time data, lowers participant burden and allows sponsors to conduct scalable studies with specific enrollment criteria to pinpoint ideal candidates.

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    Broaden reach

    Accessible digital cognitive assessments broaden study populations to secure a proper balance for each study. Through the use of widely available technology, the platform increases diversity and reduces cultural disparities with multilingual and multinational support – leading to more comprehensive and inclusive studies that embody true health equity.

A powerful solution for efficient, scalable brain health studies

Our solutions bring the power of digital to life sciences and academic researchers in their work to find the next brain health breakthroughs. Coupling industry-leading, AI-enhanced assessments with modern administrator and participant tools, the platform helps cut complexity and boost scalability.

Centralized brain health assessments

Linus Health’s scientifically-validated assessments offer researchers an opportunity for more efficient and convenient access to both assessments and results. This configurable platform incorporates a variety of assessments designed to assess multiple cognitive domains. These assessments, listed by the FDA and CE marked, operate on familiar devices and are available in multiple languages.

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Streamlined administrator access

Centralizing critical study tasks in one intuitive application, our administrator portal enables clinical trial and research study teams to register participants and manage assessment administration easily and efficiently. Plus, they gain immediate access to participant-level assessment results and overall compliance measures.

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Easy-to-use participant tools

Combining user-friendly design with simplified access, the Linus Health research administrator app and browser-based remote assessments provides an intuitive, streamlined experience for study sponsors and participants alike. Participants can easily access assigned remote cognitive assessments anytime, anywhere — all on their own familiar device.

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