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Reshaping the brain health horizon™

Next-generation digital cognitive assessment platform to enable earlier detection and intervention in brain health.

Changing the way we measure, monitor, and maintain brain health

Linus Health is dedicated to transforming brain health for people across the world by advancing how we detect and address brain and cognitive disorders. Leveraging cutting-edge neuroscience, clinical expertise, and artificial intelligence, our goal is to enable a future where people can live longer, happier, and healthier lives with better brain health. Our digital cognitive assessment platform empowers providers with sensitive, yet practical tools for early detection and intervention.

Advancing early detection and intervention

Development of neuropathology associated with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) begins 15-20 years before overt symptoms, but the subtle changes in cognitive function during this preclinical phase often go undetected [1,2]. Even after symptoms present, diagnosis of AD and mild cognitive impairment is delayed or missed in nearly 2 out of 3 cases globally [3]. Delayed or missed diagnosis is associated with increased safety risks, higher rates of hospitalization and institutionalization, decreased survival rate, and increased caregiver burden [4,5].

Earlier detection and intervention, particularly during the window of opportunity before disease progression, can improve outcomes [5,6]. Barriers to timely diagnosis include a lack of objective measures for assessing brain function, time and resource constraints, impractical screening methods, and knowledge gaps [7]. Similar constraints hinder effective ongoing monitoring to assess the impact of interventions to slow disease progression. Linus’ digital platform seeks to address these challenges so people can keep their brains healthier, longer.

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A purpose-built platform to meet evolving cognitive care needs

The Linus Health digital platform not only enables early detection of cognitive impairment – even before symptoms appear – but also facilitates action for both providers and patients. Our digital cognitive assessments are both sensitive and fast, making it both possible to detect signs of cognitive issues early and practical for providers to incorporate them into their practices. What's more, we go far beyond scores alone – empowering providers with corresponding clinical guidance and patients with personalized action plans to take steps to mitigate modifiable risk factors for dementia.

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Discover how our platform helps providers detect and address cognitive issues early.

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Learn how our platform helps researchers enhance and streamline cognitive studies.

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