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Unlock early detection of Alzheimer’s and other dementias

Next-generation digital cognitive assessment platform to enable earlier detection and intervention in brain health.

It's time to bring the power of digital to cognitive health

Early detection and intervention have changed the face of so many areas of healthcare, from cancer to cardiovascular disease. However, outdated and impractical testing methods have been a key factor hindering their prevalence in brain health — until now.

Digital advancements are not only making cognitive assessments capable of identifying signs of cognitive issues earlier, but also making their use more practical. At a time when dementia cases are set to surge and long-awaited new treatments hinge on early diagnosis, modernizing detection methods is more critical than ever.


15-20 years

How long Alzheimer’s can be present before overt symptoms arise


139 million

Projected worldwide dementia cases by 2050, up from ~55M currently

Data chart_CelXDark


Extent to which demand for neurologists will exceed supply by 2025

Proven science,
practical technology

Our ground-breaking platform augments long-trusted cognitive assessments with a process-based approach to neurological analysis. Coupled with AI-enhancements, Linus Health’s next-generation digital cognitive assessments deliver an efficient, scientifically-validated approach to early detection of cognitive impairment. 

Plus, we design experiences with the realities of clinical care and research in mind, simplifying and streamlining workflows with:

  • iPad-based, quick to administer sensitive assessments
  • Standardized administration and automated scoring
  • Multi-language support
  • Integrated clinical decision support
  • Personalized patient action plans
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Extensively researched, widely-published

Our solutions bridge cutting-edge technology with familiar, trusted cognitive testing methods. Our flagship solution, DCTclock — an AI-enhanced upgrade to the clock drawing test — arose from a decade of research and development at MIT and Lahey. The technology and its predecessors have appeared in 20+ studies, which have not only demonstrated its sensitivity in detecting subtle signs of cognitive impairment, but also its association with key Alzheimer’s biomarkers.


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