Linus Health

Harness the power of digital in cognitive research

The Linus Health Platform helps researchers streamline and scale clinical trials focused on cognitive and brain health.

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  • Capture clinically meaningful data

    Detect subtle signals of brain function with sensitive, reliable, and objective digital measures

  • Expand access to trial participation

    Enable recruitment of more representative populations with hybrid and remote trial capabilities

  • Centralize data collection and analysis

    Enable objective signal detection and cohort analysis on a unified platform

Reducing costs and maximizing engagement

Our flexible platform was designed to support research and clinical trial needs. With the Linus platform, sponsors can evaluate multiple, configurable digital endpoints using scientifically validated assessments to access robust, reliable results. Our user-friendly, cost-efficient study platform unifies multiple data streams, provides real-time results, and keeps stakeholders engaged.

An ecosystem of support

For sponsors

It can be complicated to manage all the challenges that come with planning, preparing, and deploying trials. Linus’ all-in-one platform optimizes your study with rapid insights, customizable workflows, and seamless data management.

For participants

It’s easy for participants to be overwhelmed learning to navigate study technology. Linus gives participants agency in their own brain health with an easy-to-use platform that promotes engagement through trial community support.

For sites

We understand the importance of obtaining and analyzing neurocognitive and neuromotor data efficiently. Linus enables you to maximize compliance and manage large volumes of data with real-time results and metrics.

Comprehensive solution for better clinical trial outcomes

Linus’ mobile-based, flexible platform offers a single solution for data collection, aggregation, and analysis and enables more holistic insights and a streamlined clinical trial workflow.

  • Best-in-class assessments

    Choose from an array of scientifically-validated digital assessments and technologies that are pre-built into the Linus platform

  • Real-time insights

    Monitor compliance and performance across sites with secure, automated data transfers and immediate access in the Linus Portal

  • Flexible technology

    Configure test batteries, integrate third-party technologies, and customize setup to meet study needs with our open, flexible platform

  • Longitudinal data

    Enable remote, real-world data collection with quick, non-invasive, and self-administered digital assessments

  • User-friendly interface

    Create a seamless user experience and minimize participant burden with a single, intuitive platform on familiar technology

  • Efficient set-up

    Save time and reduce administrative burden by centralizing eCOA, licensing, translation, and digital migration services with Linus

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